Heyyyyyyyy Studio Babes! Thank you for visiting the Studio.

My momma named me Randi and I’m an artsy, kind of cool mommy of 5, wife to Michael and full time entrepreneur. In the middle of a global pandemic I quit my government job and promised my hubby I’d make it work. What that meant was- I was leaving a 9 to 5 for a 24/7. That decision, scary but worth it, allowed me to explore my creative mind daily.  

My history: 

  • Artist/Visual Artist (all of my life+) 

  • Nail technician for 19+ years 

  • Graphic designer and Videographer 10+ years

  • Custom cookie maker 2 years 

  • 4x Published Author and Playwright 

This is my confession:

Sometimes I question if I’m qualified to do some of the things I do. As I experience those moments, I reflect on the things above. God has truly blessed the works of my hands and I am humbled and grateful for the ability to create. 


Why earrings?

I’ve always preferred a great statement piece over any other piece of jewelry (except my wedding ring) and there seemed to be an extreme lack of unique jewelry in all my fav stores. On top of that, I chopped my hair off and it was necessary for me to wear "BIG" earrings.

With the support of my husband, I said if I can’t find what I need then I’ll make it. BOOM - here we are. Problem solved. So I THANK you in advance for going on this journey with me, I thank all of my supporters and everyone who will all me allow me to catch you in the studio.